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How to Use Moleskin Tape for Calluses  
What is moleskin tape?
Moleskin tape is a thin cotton nap fabric which is soft on one side with a sticky Latex Free Zinc Oxide adhesive backing on the other. It can be applied to the inside of shoes to improve fit or make them more comfortable. It is used most often on the feet to protect skin from rubbing against footwear or against itself. It can also be used to help cushion the feet.

There are a variety of pads which may be used to treat or prevent calluses and corns. Protective padding cushions the callus or corn holding the foot and toes in a more comfortable position so that calluses or corns do not develop.

You can purchase protective padding in different sizes and shapes, or purchase rolls of material that you cut to fit your needs.

Here are two ways to use moleskin tape:

For smaller calluses and corns, cut a circle out of the Moleskin tape and then cut the center out of the circle so you have a donut shaped pad. Place the sticky backing on your skin so that the callous or corn is in the donut "hole" and the pad surrounds it.

For larger calluses on the ball of the foot use protective padding. Position the pad so that it extends to the edge of the Callus but does not covering the callus. One pad can be used for more than one callus. This pad then transfers weight away from the callus, often known as a metatarsal pad

Other pads that may be used for calluses and corns include:

Toe separators. Which keep toes from rubbing together they are used to prevent soft corns

Toe crest pads, which relieve pressure and friction, preventing toes from rubbing together

Toe caps and toe sleeves fit over your toe and protect the sides and tips of the toe.

If you have diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, peripheral neuropathy, or other conditions that may cause numbness or circulatory problems, consult your doctor before trying any treatment for calluses or corns.


Known worldwide for its effective cushioning properties, Moleskin is soft, cotton flannel padding that protects feet from painful shoe friction. It has soft, smooth padding and a self-stick adhesive. It can be cut to the size you need and it helps protect against painful friction and cushions corns, calluses, and tender spots.

Moleskin is a product used by hikers, runners and walkers all over the world. It is soft and cloth-like on one side and the other an adhesive. It is useful for blisters that have not formed, are already formed or have popped open.



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