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How to Use Moleskin for Blisters  
What is moleskin tape?
Moleskin tape is a thin but heavy cotton nap fabric. It’s soft on one side and has a sticky Latex Free Zinc Oxide adhesive backing on the other. It can be applied to the inside of shoes to improve fit or make them more comfortable. You can also use it to prevent a blister from becoming irritated.

How do I use it on a blister?
Our very durable Moleskin
tape makes a good option for protecting blisters in high-friction areas, including your feet.

If you have ever applied a bandage to a blister on the back of your heel, chances are that it came off shortly after putting on your shoes. Moleskin tape tends to stay in place better than traditional bandages. It’s also thicker, which adds more support and cushioning.

When using Moleskin tape for blisters, follow these steps:

  1. Gently clean then dry the area around the blister.
  2. Cut a piece of Moleskin tape that’s about 3/4-inch larger than the blister.
  3. Fold the non-adhesive sides together. Now cut a half-circle out of the Moleskin tape. The half-circle should be roughly half the size of your blister. When you unfold it, you should have one blister-sized hole in the center of the Moleskin tape.
  4. After Removing the paper backing from the adhesive side place the Moleskin tape over your blister, centering your blister with the hole you made.

 If your blister sticks above the thickness of the Moleskin tape, cut and apply a second layer to make the Moleskin layer thicker. For very large blisters, consider using Moleskin with a thicker foam backing.

Surrounding the blister with padding helps to reduce friction and irritation. It also serves to protect the blister from popping, usually painful, also increases the risk of infection.

Using it to prevent a blister
When breaking in a new pair of shoes or planning to walk or run for a long period of time, you can also place some Moleskin tape on areas that tend to develop blisters. This protects the skin underneath from friction, which causes blisters.

Individually wrapping your toes in Moleskin tape will prevent them from rubbing against each other.

You can also apply Moleskin tape directly to the inside of your shoes. This is particularly useful if your shoes have an uncomfortable seam or narrow heel that tends to press into your skin.

What not to do
When applying Moleskin tape do not put it directly over a blister. The strong adhesive on the back can accidentally rip off the top of your blister (known as the roof) when you remove it. A blister’s roof protects it from developing an infection.

In short
Moleskin tape is an effective way to protect existing blisters and prevent new ones from forming. You can even apply it to the inside of your shoes if they tend to rub against your skin in certain places. Just make sure you don’t place it directly over a blister, which can damage the roof of the blister.

Known worldwide for its effective cushioning properties, Moleskin is soft, cotton flannel padding that protects feet from painful shoe friction. It has soft, smooth padding and a self-stick adhesive. It can be cut to the size you need and it helps protect against painful friction and cushions corns, calluses, and tender spots.

Moleskin is a product used by hikers, runners and walkers all over the world. It is soft and cloth-like on one side and the other an adhesive. It is useful for blisters that have not formed, are already formed or have popped open.



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